Learning Love & Respect with Teacher Rosie

June 07, 2020 3 min read

Learning Love & Respect with Teacher Rosie

Hi, I’m Charbear, and I’m the most lovable bear you will ever meet. I’m really fuzzy and soft. I’m kind and I love everyone I meet. My best friend is Piper the Penguin and today we are going to teach a class full of kids the importance of love, kindness and respect. We can’t wait to meet them! Teacher Rosie is going to pack us and take us to the classroom. When we got there, we were stuck in the suitcase and it was really dark and kind of scary. “Hey, Charbear, look through the hole and tell me if you can see anything.” Piper said. Charbear looked through the hole and saw the whole class sitting in their seats. “I see them, I see them! They looks so nice!” Piper said.

Teacher Rosie took out Charbear and Penguin from the suitcase and showed the class. “Hello, everyone, the this is Charbear and Piper. They are here to teach you new things. Who is ready to learn?” Teacher Rosie said. The class clapped and cheered. Charbear and Piper stood up onto the desk. “Hi, everyone, it’s nice to meet you!” Charbear and Piper said to the class. “Today we are going to teach the importance of love, respect, and kindness. Does anyone know what love is?” Piper asked. A boy raised his hand. “I know what love is! Love is a feeling you have for your family, friends, animals and anything else!” The kid said. “That is correct! You are so smart. Does anyone know what respect is?” Charbear asked. “I know! I know!” A little girl raised her hand. “Respect is what you show someone that you love. You also get respect from people around you.” The girl said. “Wow, you guys are so good at this!” Piper said. “Now, what is kindness?” Piper asked. “I know what it is!” A little boy said.

“And everyone in the world has responsibilities. Do you know what that is?” Piper asked to the class. The class was silent. That was a very big word with a big meaning. “Responsibilities are things that you need to do every single day. Like a job. Your responsibility is to be kind to everyone and do good in school.” Piper said. The class all nodded and understood.

“And Kindness is what you show to everyone. It’s like being nice!” A little boy smiled. “Yes, you’re right! Lets see if you know the difference between them with these examples.” Charbear said. Charbear hugged Piper. “I love you, Piper, you’re the best friend ever.” Charbear said. “What am I showing to Piper?” Charbear asked. The class all said at the same time “Love!” “I am showing love to Piper. It is important to show your family, friends and pets, that you love them so it makes them feel good. You should learn to love everyone who is kind to you. It means you care about them.” Charbear said.

“The same with kindness. When you are kind to someone, it shows the person how nice you are to people and people will be kind to you back.” Piper said. “And respect should always be given to anyone that you meet. Even if you don’t share the same likings because it means you are a good person. And having all three of those things, people will think you are a good person with a big heart and we need lots of love in the world.